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Axflow UK has introduced the latest generation of solid-designed plastic air-operated double-diaphragm pumps from Almatec.

The Unitec E-Series pump benefits from a reduction in the internal flow resistances that fluids have to overcome while passing through the pump.

This is claimed to increase output capacity and efficiency.

Introduced as a replacement for the Unitec A-Series, the new pump enables users to obtain a higher output than the Unitec A-Series using the same air consumption or the same output with reduced air consumption.

Featuring the same fluid connections and footprint as its predecessor means that the Unitec E-Series is a drop-in replacement for existing systems.

Applications where the Unitec E-Series can be used include chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, ceramics, surface treatment, water processing and waste disposal.

The pumps are fully compatible with sludges, slurries, acids, alkalis, solvents, emulsions, resins and aqueous solutions.

Unitec E-Series pumps are machined from solid blocks of PE and PTFE, with conductive material versions being available to meet the ATEX 94/9/EG directive.

All wetted components comply with FDA requirements.

Comprising three solid housing parts – a centre housing and two side housings – the exterior surfaces are free of metal parts so the pumps can be used in corrosive environments.

The housing parts are tightened to each other via housing bolts that are tightened against two diaphragm-sized metal rings either side of the pump housing.

This assembly structure, which is fully enclosed within a plastic cover, results in a more even spread of the housing bolt force and an increased permissible bolt torque.

As a result of this new design, increased pump safety is achieved and maintenance and installation operations are simplified.

Axflow will be supplying the Unitec E-Series in seven sizes with nominal flow rates ranging from 0.9m/h to 48m/h and discharge pressures up to 7bar.

The pumps can be equipped with a variety of options to customise units for specific applications.

Options include a barrier chamber system, stroke counting, diaphragm monitoring, flange connections and drainage.

A pulsation damper with ring clamping to achieve a metal-free external connection and optional flange connections is also offered.

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