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Two flooring manufacturers, Altro and Polyflor, are launching a vinyl flooring recycling take-back scheme in the UK in September, which will be managed by Axion Consulting.

The industry-funded Recofloor scheme is designed to increase the recycling of waste vinyl flooring in the UK.

Through the scheme, safety flooring offcuts and smooth vinyl offcuts from the installation process will be recycled back into new flooring.

Uplifted, or end-of-life material, will be used in the manufacture of traffic calming products, such as traffic cone and road barrier bases.

Axion Consulting is the agent for the Recofloor scheme, which has developed from a Wrap-funded (Waste and Resources Action Programme) trial to increase the collection and recycling of vinyl flooring.

As a free-standing industry scheme, the target now is to create a sustainable, cost-effective and efficient collection system.

Waste flooring is accepted from all types of sources, from individual contractors to large construction projects.

Axion’s role involves co-ordinating and managing Recofloor collection systems.

Registered Recofloor participants will be provided with bulk bags that can be collected from site when filled with vinyl flooring, or they can drop off waste at one of 19 designated sites across the UK.

Recofloor is keen to increase the number of drop-off sites across the UK and to recruit distributors to provide a drop-off point for vinyl flooring waste.

Recofloor participants benefit from compliance with Site Waste Management legislation and receive a ’certificate of commitment’ to recycling.

According to Polyflor, its products have on average 25 per cent recycled content.

’In 2008, Polyflor manufactured and sold around 20 million square metres of vinyl flooring, with 12,005 tonnes of post industrial waste and 736 tonnes of post consumer waste being recycled back into new product,’ said environmental market manager, Sonia Baker.

’Through Recofloor, we are aiming to increase the amount of post consumer waste that is recycled back into our flooring, across all ranges,’ she added.

Richard Kahn, chief executive of Altro, said: ’We constantly look at ways to reduce our environmental impact in both production processes and how the organisation is run.

’Thanks to the installation of the world’s first in-house safety flooring recycling system we have not sent any waste PVC to landfill since mid-2007, and now recycle 100 per cent of our factory waste PVC.

’The Recofloor scheme will allow us to increase the amount of recycled content in our safety flooring products.

’It will also reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill, lower operating costs and offer contractors a tangible competitive advantage when tendering for projects,’ he added.

Axion Consulting develops and operates processing solutions for recycling waste materials.

This division, part of Axion Recycling, was created in response to increased demand from a wide range of clients within the recycling and process industries for practical development of new processing and collection methods.

Wrap helps individuals, businesses and local authorities to reduce waste and recycle more, making better use of resources and helping to tackle climate change.

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