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Axion Engineering has signed a sales and marketing agreement with Nestro Lufftechnik to promote and sell Nestro’s air-separation products and technologies in the UK and Ireland.

Nestro designs and manufactures air-separation products and vacuum systems for sorting lightweight films, paper and dust from heavy product fractions in industries including woodworking, energy from waste, and waste plastic recycling.

The Axion team visited several Nestro installations across Europe and said it was impressed with the Nestro system’s ability to efficiently separate light fractions from bulky waste streams, such as the removal of plastic films from rigid packaging items.

The increase in the scope and tonnages of plastics from kerbside recycling across the UK has changed the composition of dry-recyclables entering material recovery facilities (MRFs) with the higher proportion of plastic film waste presenting challenges for older MRFs to separate efficiently.

The Nestro equipment is designed to retrofit into existing MRFs or for new plant installations.

This provides a solution for lights separation and opens up opportunities to turn this type of waste into a recyclable resource.

Axion plans to promote the application of Nestro products and technologies to key potential users, such as municipal waste processing and sorting plants, construction and demolition waste processing plants, green waste processing plants and WEEE and ELV waste processing plants.

Axion Recycling Ltd was formed in 2001 by directors Keith Freegard and Roger Morton to develop and operate innovative processing solutions for recycling waste materials. Axion Polymers and Axion Consulting are two companies that have grown out of this business.

Axion Polymers' state-of-the-art factory in Salford processes waste plastics from WEEE primary treatment plants into high grade polymers. Based in Bramhall, Stockport, Axion Consulting was created in response to increased demand from a wide range of clients within the recycling and process industries for the practical development of new processing and collection methods.

Axion Polymers supplies polystyrenes and polyolefins under two brand names: Axplas and Axpoly. Axplas covers a range of general-purpose recycled plastics for less demanding applications. The Axpoly brand refers to technically specified polymer grades that satisfy more demanding extrusion and injection-moulding requirements.

Customers can select exactly the correct grade of recyclate for their individual requirements. This also provides greater confidence in product quality and its ultimate performance in new recycled goods; whether that is for compost bins, pipes or plasma TV stands. Polymers are supplied with datasheets providing technical specifications and product safety information.

Axion Consulting’s disciplines cover all aspects of waste recycling: from practical trials and process development for new recycling processes to more general chemical process design development.

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