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Softinway has launched version 3.0 of Axstream, the software suite for design, optimisation and retrofitting of axial, radial, mixed flow and counter-rotating turbomachinery.

Axstream 3.0 was developed to smooth the engineering process and enables users to design efficient and high-performance machines.

The software suite offers increased flexibility due to an extensive base of elements that allows for modelling of complicated flow paths using ducts, heat exchangers (enabling simulation of interstage cooling and reheating for multistage industrial turbomachinery) and pressure valves.

A preliminary design solution generator generates a set of solutions within specified ranges and finds correlation between design parameters and performance.

In addition, a design space explorer module visualises results and helps make the optimal design selection.

Axstream 3.0 also enables faster design time, resulting in engineering time savings.

An upgraded preliminary design module allows users to search for multiple optimal solutions and take into account various geometrical constraints, including the overall flow path length.

Multi-window viewing ensures control of different stages of the design process.

Axflow, an integrated 3D CFD solver, allows time savings on pre- and post-processing and overcomes inter-format data conversion challenges.

Axstream 3.0 allows visualisation of data using the integrated profiling and 3D blade design modules that enable real-time blade surface control.

To familiarise engineers with the latest Axstream updates and accelerate speed of learning, Softinway offers classroom-based and online training.

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