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The Kaluga branch of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University has adopted Softinway’s Axstream software to assist in teaching turbomachinery design.

The university and Softinway signed a software licence agreement according to which the educational version of Axstream will be incorporated into the curriculum, helping students to gain a real-life understanding of the basic principles of turbine/compressor design.

Axstream Educational Version is intended for design and optimisation for four types of machines: axial turbines, axial compressors, radial turbines and radial compressors.

It consists of modules for preliminary design, 1D/2D analysis, flow-path multidisciplinary optimisation, airfoil profiling, 3D blade stacking and 3D finite element analysis/computational fluid dynamics (FEA/CFD) analysis.

Dr Jinov Andrey Alexandrovich, professor of mechanical engineering in the Kaluga branch, said: ‘One of the key points while teaching turbomachinery design is to show students how preliminary design is performed – first for one-stage and then for multi-stage flow paths.

‘And here Axstream will be helpful for us, since its preliminary design module allows the setting of many important parameters that influence the efficiency, manufacturing cost and reliability of the final design, such as the number of stages, diameters, blades heights and cascades, metal angles, reactions of future flow path, etc.

‘Using Axstream features for airfoil cross-section profiling, it is easier to explain to students how to find suitable airfoil outline on the base of flow calculations in planar profile cascades, with regard to boundary layer and compressibility effects.

‘Finally, Axstream is a very usable tool while providing students with an in-depth insight into 3D blade design,’ added Alexandrovich.

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