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The X20CM4810 condition-monitoring module with onboard intelligence for vibration analysis from B and R Industrial Automation is designed to maximise machine availability while minimising the time and money spent on maintenance, significantly reducing the total cost of ownership of machines and systems.

With a width of two slots, the module provides four input channels with an IEPE interface for querying acceleration sensors.

The interface supplies the sensors with power, samples their signals and processes them internally to generate more than 70 condition parameters, such as configurable damage frequency values, which are then transferred directly to the central processing unit (CPU) via Powerlink or any other standard fieldbus system.

Key benefits

  • Preventive maintenance control based on the condition of the machinery can be planned more efficiently and performed during breaks in production.
  • According to Andreas Waldl, technical manager at B and R, the X20 module allows operators to continuously monitor the status of an entire system; the results can then be used to determine exactly which parts of the machinery, if any, require maintenance.
  • The integrated evaluation of vibration patterns eliminates the need to forward raw data to an external CPU for analysis.
  • The condition parameters generated by the new module not only provide operators with the information they need to optimise maintenance intervals but are also available for use directly as input in the automation software.
  • B and R Automation Studio makes it a snap to configure the X20CM4810 and program how the machine should respond to a status change, reducing the amount of time and effort spent working with software.

B and R Industrial Automation

B&R Industrial Automation is a leading manufacturer of electronic control equipment, specifically designed for the Automation Industry.  Our state of the art highly competitive electronic system products are being used by a growing list of well known leading international companies across all industries.

Our integrated package of products, technologies and support services are designed to improve the flexibility and productivity of the manufacturing process. B&R recognized long ago that the market is not only searching for components such as PLC controllers, visualization devices (HMI) industrial PC’s and servo drive systems, but also  desires a single integral software tool that provides an efficient integration of these products. This “single software tool for all products” approach provides enormous savings potential, which is recognized by leading machine manufacturers today as an important competitive edge.

We recognize that it is difficult for many machine builders to keep up with, and make the best use of all the advances in our technology. Our strength in applications engineering support can be offered to provide our partner complete software engineering support – from project concept through to working application. The benefits are obvious – successful projects in record time and within budget!

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