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B and R Industrial Automation is to present its entire range of automation products at the 2012 SPS IPC Drives trade fair on 27–29 November in Nuremberg.

Highlights will include operation and HMI developments as well as components and systems for mobile automation.

The company will be found in Booth 206, Hall 7.

Products on show

Automation PC 910

  • This industrial box PC features third-generation Intel Core I technology.
  • Core I3, Core I5 and Core I7 CPUs with up to four cores, paired with the QM77 Express chipset, are claimed to ensure excellent industrial computing performance.

Aprol Enmon

  • This energy monitoring system is designed to help users implement ISO 50001.
  • Energy efficient, which means reduced costs and increased competitiveness for users.
  • In standalone operation or integrated in an existing Aprol process control system, this system supports a process of continual improvement by measuring and evaluating all relevant energy consumption data.

Automation Studio 4

  • This development environment is intended to help cut development costs and to accelerate the time to market.
  • It allows users to develop automation solutions with excellent efficiency.
  • Automation Studio 4 is equipped with new features that support the development and series production of modular machines in varying configurations; these include complete software modularisation, a graphical hardware configuration tool and communication via OPC-UA as well as open interfaces between Automation Studio 4 and various design and simulation software.
  • Automation runtime provides optimal multicore utilisation and supports the simultaneous use of multiple operating systems on a single hardware platform.


  • This servo drive with IP65 protection melds with the motor to form a configurable and easy-to-connect mechatronic servo drive unit.
  • It features safe motion functions and Opensafety to deliver power right where it is needed on the machine.
  • The motor-mounted drive is designed to save valuable space in the control cabinet.

B and R Industrial Automation

B&R Industrial Automation is a leading manufacturer of electronic control equipment, specifically designed for the Automation Industry.  Our state of the art highly competitive electronic system products are being used by a growing list of well known leading international companies across all industries.

Our integrated package of products, technologies and support services are designed to improve the flexibility and productivity of the manufacturing process. B&R recognized long ago that the market is not only searching for components such as PLC controllers, visualization devices (HMI) industrial PC’s and servo drive systems, but also  desires a single integral software tool that provides an efficient integration of these products. This “single software tool for all products” approach provides enormous savings potential, which is recognized by leading machine manufacturers today as an important competitive edge.

We recognize that it is difficult for many machine builders to keep up with, and make the best use of all the advances in our technology. Our strength in applications engineering support can be offered to provide our partner complete software engineering support – from project concept through to working application. The benefits are obvious – successful projects in record time and within budget!

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