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J and A Young, a plastic-recycling company based in Leicester, UK, has installed an ESM steam generator from Babcock Wanson at its new recycling facility in Corby.

The company’s food-grade polyethylene terephthalate (PET) recycling plant — which has the ability to handle up to 30,000 tonnes of PET plastic bottles per year — requires considerable amounts of steam to heat water as part of the recycling process. 

Jason Hall, J and A’s engineering manager, approached Babcock Wanson, which recommended its ESM4000 coil-type steam generator complete with an exhaust-gas recuperator for the feed-water system, plus an additional heat exchanger between the hot well and the feed pumps to improve overall efficiency. 

Key benefits

  • The steam generator is claimed to provide operating efficiencies of around 96–97 per cent overall and low emissions
  • It utilises modern controls to maintain a close ratio between the burner firing rate and the water input with inverter drive of both the combustion air and feed-water pumps — ensuring the close control of both steam output and steam quality, and the low consumption of electrical power
  • Safety is improved as the chance of a pressurised-water explosion is said to be virtually eliminated

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