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Bac2 has diversified its materials portfolio following a successful 2009, when demand grew for its composite bipolar plates for fuel-cell applications.

It has expanded the Electrophen range of low-cost conductive polymers, which can be cured at room temperature.

The company can produce mixes that are fine-tuned to the requirements of specific applications.

Conductivity, strength and operating temperature range are just three of the characteristics that can be adjusted.

The inert and stable material can be formed into any mouldable shape, including sheets and complex 3D structures.

Bac2 has developed a version that is mechanically stable up to 200C.

It has also introduced a line of latent acid catalysts, collectively known as CSRxx, that enable pre-polymeric resins to be stored for months prior to controlled polymerisation at around 120C.

They are used in any application where pre-mix production is not carried out close to moulding operations.

Here, CSRxx enables fast curing in a low-energy process.

It saves time, reduces manufacturing and handling costs, cuts storage space and improves transportation safety.

Applications include polymer processing in chipboard and laminates manufacturing and during production of glass-reinforced plastics, foam insulation and abrasives.

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