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Baldor’s Mint Machine Module is a plug-in motion/machine control module for its Ethernet-compatible Powerlink drives.

The module removes machine-builders’ need for a separate external network controller and all of the cabling and panel space that would normally be required.

The Mint Machine Module plugs into a hardware expansion slot in any of Baldor’s Motiflex range of Powerlink-compatible three-phase AC motor drives.

A dual-axis version of the Mint Machine Module uses a conventional analogue interface to control the host Powerlink drive and another external drive; a high-speed version also acts as a Powerlink network controller to manage a complete multi-axis control system.

Both options are compatible with Baldor’s Mint motion language.

The basic dual-axis version of the card will convert a Motiflex drive into an economic intelligent drive.

This provides a complete standalone motion control solution with the possibility of local I/O and HMI: all drives include a complement of digital and analogue I/O.

Further card slots or the drive’s CANopen fieldbus interface allow this benefit to be expanded even further.

The card also offers a traditional analogue interface for controlling a low-cost frequency inverter drive.

If the motion control requirements are more sophisticated, the multi-axis version of the card can act as a Powerlink network controller powerful enough to control five axes of interpolated motion: the host drive itself, three other Powerlink-connected drives and another drive via the analogue interface.

As each drive includes a complement of I/O and a CANopen fieldbus expansion port, systems for highly complex automation requirements can be easily configured.

Two further expansion card slots on Motiflex drives allow a system to be configured with any of a comprehensive range of fieldbus interfaces (including Profibus DP, Devicenet, Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP and CC-Link) to act as a gateway to PLCs plus further I/O including encoder or resolver interfaces for dual loop feedback.

The encoder option can, alternatively, be employed as a line shaft encoder for electronic geared motion applications.

The Mint Machine Module plugs into any of Baldor’s Motiflex range of Powerlink-compatible, three-phase AC motor drives.


Baldor Electric Company, a member of the ABB Group, designs, manufactures, and markets the broadest line of industrial energy-efficient electric motors, power transmission products, adjustable speed drives, linear motors, motion control products, gear products, industrial grinders and generators. The Baldor range provides a complete motion solution for machine automation and utilizes our acclaimed MINT motion language.

Range includes:.

* Rotary and linear servo motors.

* Intelligent Servo drives.

* Inverter and vector drives.

* Multi-axis motion controllers: Boxed and board level solutions.

Baldor is the largest motor and mechanical power transmission company in North America and the second largest worldwide.

Baldor-Reliance motor products now range from 15 watts to 11,000 kW and includes:.

* ‘Super-E’ motors that exceed the new IEC 60034-30, IE3 efficiency level.

* NEMA Premium Efficiency rated motors, meeting the new EISA legislation covering motors supplied into the USA.

* Custom motors to meet client specific requirements.

Dodge power transmission products offer a wide variety of engineered mounted bearings including Grip Tight Adapter range and enclosed gear products including the Quantis modular, High Efficiency range. Baldor operates plants in the USA, United Kingdom, China and Canada with products available from our worldwide network

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