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Baldor has enhanced its fast-turnaround gearbox-assembly operation, which now has access to a large extensively equipped machine shop, to the point where it can provide same-day build service.

Capable of building custom-configured power-transmission products within hours of order placement, the UK-based assembly line can produce high-efficiency gearboxes and gearmotors in a range of models and sizes from the Dodge Quantis range.

The Quantis product line is also directly interchangeable with most other leading gearmotor products for ease of replacement.

Dodge Quantis gearboxes and gearmotors are based on a modular design concept to facilitate the implementation of custom configurations.

Baldor stocks all the components needed to assemble Dodge Quantis in-line helical (ILH) and right-angle helical bevel (RHB) speed reducers and gearmotors, in any case size from 38 to 108.

The range includes the Quantis Gold gearmotor, which is based on an IE3 Premium Efficiency motor.

Quantis ILH series speed reducers offer a choice of foot or output flange mountings, are available in double or triple ratios and have an efficiency of up to 98.5 per cent per stage.

The RHB series right-angle speed reducers offer shaft-mount, foot or output flange mounting, triple ratios and have an efficiency of 98.5 per cent per stage.

They also offer two output options on the RHB units of the straight hollow bore, as well as patented twin-tapered bushings kits, which facilitate fast disassembly and reassembly by ensuring that the reducer will not seize onto the customer’s driven shaft.

Both the ILH and the RHB series are suitable for B5 flange-mounted separate reducers, which feature a universal clamp-collar design that enables users to employ the motor of their choice – when replacing a unit, they are not limited to any one manufacturer’s products; they also offer integral gearmotors.

The Quantis range employs spring-loaded nitrile rubber oil seals for better sealing.

Baldor’s gearbox-assembly service covers a range of IEC metric and NEMA models, to accommodate customers serving both the European and US markets.

The company also offers a choice of DC and AC motors for its gearmotors; for the three-phase AC models it is also offering its latest IEC IE3-rated (former CEMEP ’EFF1+’) motors, which provide high energy efficiency.

Baldor’s new build-to-order gearbox service operates on a 24/7 basis.

Customers can either collect their order direct from the UK assembly plant, or Baldor will arrange for shipment anywhere in Europe.


Baldor Electric Company, a member of the ABB Group, designs, manufactures, and markets the broadest line of industrial energy-efficient electric motors, power transmission products, adjustable speed drives, linear motors, motion control products, gear products, industrial grinders and generators. The Baldor range provides a complete motion solution for machine automation and utilizes our acclaimed MINT motion language.

Range includes:.

* Rotary and linear servo motors.

* Intelligent Servo drives.

* Inverter and vector drives.

* Multi-axis motion controllers: Boxed and board level solutions.

Baldor is the largest motor and mechanical power transmission company in North America and the second largest worldwide.

Baldor-Reliance motor products now range from 15 watts to 11,000 kW and includes:.

* ‘Super-E’ motors that exceed the new IEC 60034-30, IE3 efficiency level.

* NEMA Premium Efficiency rated motors, meeting the new EISA legislation covering motors supplied into the USA.

* Custom motors to meet client specific requirements.

Dodge power transmission products offer a wide variety of engineered mounted bearings including Grip Tight Adapter range and enclosed gear products including the Quantis modular, High Efficiency range. Baldor operates plants in the USA, United Kingdom, China and Canada with products available from our worldwide network

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