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Witt is offering the 737 LE HD dome pressure regulator, which is burn-out resistant for use with oxygen at pressures of up to 200bar (approximately 2900psi) and temperatures of up to 60C.

The 737 LE HD dome pressure regulator has passed inspection by BAM (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing).

The pressure regulator also complies with the requirements of hazardous substance leaflet M034-2 issued by the Employer’s Liability Insurance Association for the Chemicals Industry.

The leaflet defines products found to be suitable for use in plant components for oxygen.

Oxygen is considered a critical application for dome-pressure regulators because of the risk of burn-out from spontaneous ignition at high pressures.

Witt has developed the 737 series to deal with this problem.

The 737 can also be used for other technical gases.

Dome pressure regulators are used in supply lines for mixing systems and burners.

Here they generate a constant working pressure, compensating for pressure fluctuations in the gas supply and varying withdrawal quantities.

This warrants a constant gas concentration and assures the quality of the downstream work process.

The maximum pre-pressure for the 737 is 200bar (approximately 2900psi), with a regulating range from 2 to 45bar (29 to 653psi).

Dome pressure regulators by Witt always work in combination with a separate control pressure regulator or proportional valve for adjusting the required working pressure for the user’s process.

The 737 offers an impressive, comparatively high nominal gas flow of approximately 81,200 SCFH.

A replaceable filter is fitted for clean gas.

The design can be installed even in confined space conditions.

It also has two connections each on the low- and high-pressure side, which can be used, for example, for pressure gauges.

Furthermore, several gas supplies can be regulated centrally with a joint working pressure.

There are four models in the 737 series.

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