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Bambi has launched the silent HT oil-free compressor range.

The HT range offers all the benefits of oil-free air in a silent format, from just 53dB(A).

Utilising an efficient horizontal twin piston pump unit, this range is ultra compact and delivers 100 per cent oil-free air and a low noise level when running.

A piston ring design and high-quality sealed-for-life bearings ensure high air output at pressure.

Each compressor is also available with a two-pole motor option, delivering a higher output with only a marginal increase in noise level.

The range features: internally powder-coated air receivers on 15- and 24-litre models; outlet pressure regulators across the board; and 10-micron outlet filters on 15-litre receivers and above.

HT compressors are suitable for applications where low maintenance and ultra-quiet, oil-free air is essential, including scientific instruments, door controls, autoclave locks and stapling and as a portable air supply for a number of requirements.

Bambi Air Compressors

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