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CF200 band screens from Eimco Water Technologies have reduced maintenance costs for Anglian Water at Colchester sewage treatment works.

The company said that intensive weekly repair tasks that were required at the works when escalator screens were in operation are no longer necessary with the band screens in use, with preventative maintenance now only required every six months.

The CF200 screens, which feature a flow pattern that draws effluent through its centre, has eliminated the traditional problem of ‘carry over’, Eimco added.

Whereas the former escalator screens generated two skips of screenings each week, the CF200 band screens have more than doubled this amount.

A spokesperson for Anglian Water said: ‘Previously, we had a major maintenance operation that not only included the headworks, but also the downstream equipment.

‘Baffles on detritors had to be de-ragged.

‘The bar screens after the primary settlement tanks also had to be cleaned every day – and we had to unblock and de-rag the sludge ram pumps and valves.’ The spokesperson added: ‘The cost saving on man-hours alone is significant, but even that doesn’t include the amount we are no longer having to spend on additional cleaning and tankering.

‘Since the CF200 band screens have been installed, we have actually removed the old bar screens on the primary settlement tanks.’ When tested at the National Screens Evaluation Facility, Eimco’s CF200 screen achieved an 80 per cent average capture ratio.

Wastewater enters the centre of the fine screen and flows outwards through a continuously moving band of polyurethane mesh panels to the outside of the screen chamber.

Screenings are retained on the inside of the screen panels and then discharged when the panels elevate to deck level, where they are cleaned by low-pressure water jets.

The jets continuously clean the panels as they pass the discharge point above the debris hopper.

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