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BandB Electronics has announced Vlinx industrial Modbus Ethernet-to-serial gateways.

MESR Series gateways can connect serial Modbus ASCII/RTU devices with Modbus/TCP Ethernet as well as solve many other real-world Modbus problems, such as converting ASCII to RTU, remapping conflicting Modbus IDs or connecting two Modbus devices hardwired with different baud rates.

Vlinx Modbus gateways boast an extensive line-up of Ethernet port configurations – from standard RJ-45 copper to almost any fibre optic option.

Versions are available with an additional Ethernet port that functions much like an Ethernet switch, allowing pass-through connectivity for other Ethernet devices.

The port can also be used to ‘daisy chain’ multiple gateways.

Serial ports can be accessed over a LAN/WAN using direct IP mode connections.

Serial data rates of up to 230Kbps ensure maximum network flexibility.

Easy-to-use software supports Modbus messaging priority control and management via multiple TCP/IP client sessions.

Rugged MESR gateways feature a slim IP30 DIN mount case, pluggable terminal blocks, and 10-58V DC operation.

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