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Semrock has increased the number of Versachrome tunable bandpass filters it offers to seven.

The TBP01-380/16-25×36 Versachrome filter offers wavelength tunability over the near-UV wavelengths by adjusting the angle of incidence with essentially no change in spectral performance.

This new filter, along with the TBP01-800/12-25×36, expands Versachrome coverage outside the visible spectrum to include near-IR and near-UV wavelengths.

All Semrock Versachrome filters ensure top performance with a high average transmission along with the centre wavelength tuning flexibility of a diffraction grating.

The current complete set covers wavelengths of 340-800nm.

Parts are immediately available from stock in 25.2 x 35.6 x 2mm sizes and custom sizing may be done within one week.

These filters are suitable for fluorescence microscopy and optimised for FURA2 dual-wavelength excitation, imaging and quantitation applications, as well as hyperspectral imaging, high-throughput spectroscopy and fibre-optic telecommunications systems that can benefit from the spectral and two-dimensional imaging performance of thin-film filters.

Because of their polarisation insensitivity and high optical quality and damage threshold, they are suited for a range of laser applications as well.

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