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EPS Services and Tooling has installed a Vollmer RC110 automatic levelling and tensioning machine for processing its bandsaw blades. The investment was made to improve the quality and consistency of its bandsaw blade production and to increase capacity levels.

EPS is a manufacturer of wide and narrow bandsaws and has the ability to sharpen and re-stellite tip and TCT circular saws and edger and canter rings up to 1.2m diameter. It also sharpens HSS and carbide planing knives, chipper, guillotine and shear blades and other woodworking tools.

The company installed the Vollmer RC110 in January 2013. It incorporates a curved door design that gives the operator improved access to the work envelope, while a new measuring unit has improved accuracy compared with its predecessor.

The RC110 also features an improved tensioning lift system that uses twin roller bearings for alignment, as well as upgraded CNC software.

Key benefits of product application

  • Saw doctors at the Kirkcaldy plant can set up the RC110 and allow the machine to automatically process bandsaw blades while simultaneously continuing to manually tension blades where needed.
  • The RC110 has instantly increased EPS’s capacity levels, with output now extending from 200 to more than 300 blades each week in Kirkcaldy.
  • The level of automation has simplified the production process for EPS while freeing up the time of highly skilled saw doctors, leading to an opportunity to train new staff.
  • The RC110 eliminates operator error and guarantees continuity of supply in the circumstances of highly skilled personnel being unavailable.
  • Nick Palmer, managing director at EPS, said the company has two machine shops full of Vollmer machines; he described the machines as extremely reliable, highly productive and very well supported, adding that the build quality and technical ability of the machines is far beyond that of alternative machines.
  • Palmer concluded that in the short time since its installation, the RC110 has exceeded EPS’s expectations.

The Vollmer Group specialises in the processing of tools in respect of both production and services. Its product range embraces the latest sharpening and eroding machines for saw blades and tools used in the metal and wood processing industries.

The Group's headquarters in Biberach, Germany, is the design and development centre for its products. Other production sites are located in Mörlenbach, Germany, and Taicang, China.

With 700 employees in nine branches and 30-plus agencies, the company works closely with customers at local level, thus ensuring the same high standard of consulting and customer care worldwide.

Product Range

  • Machines for precision sharpening of circular saws
  • Tooling industry: high-precision and performance wire EDM and grinding centres for manufacturing cutting tools 
  • Sawmill industry: tensioning, straightening and grinding of bandsaw blades

Company history

  • 1909 — Heinrich Vollmer develops the first patentable saw blade setting and filing machines
  • 1952 — Vollmer develops first machines for carbide-tipped circular saw blades
  • 1979 — subsidiaries open in France, Brazil, UK, Italy, US and Japan
  • 1988 — Vollmer develops erosion machine for diamond-tipped saw-blade machining
  • 1998 — wire erosion machine introduced for the metalworking industry
  • 2006 — Vollmer purchases Loroch GmbH to complete product range for processing of saw blades

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