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Kasto is to showcase a range of machine tools, including bandsawing machines, a circular saw and a tower storage system for a range of precision sawing and cutting applications at Mach 2010.

The KastoEvo A 3×4 and 4×5 models replace the Kastotwin bandsaws and have a closed, U-shaped frame similar to the manufacturer’s high-end Kastotec machines.

Cutting forces are directed through the centre of the guides onto the blade, while the guide arms are shorter and more compact, leading to minimal vibration and hence faster, more accurate sawing.

Precision cutting is further promoted by the use of double bearings on both the driven and idle blade wheels, which allow higher band tension and therefore greater cutting accuracy, according to Kasto.

Another feature is the extended closure, including an access tunnel at the front and a cover on the rear, designed to meet the latest CE directive introduced in December 2009.

In addition to being safer, the design is said to have reduced noise level by 5dbA, resulting in a quieter working environment.

KastoEvo A 3×4 can cut 360mm diameter or square material at 90-deg.

Smallest cut length is 6mm and minimum rest piece length is 15mm, minimising material wastage.

The saw motor is 3kW, delivering cutting feeds between 15 and 150mm/min.

The larger KastoEvo A 4×5 has a 90-deg cutting capacity of 440mm diameter/square and has a 4kW saw motor.

Standard equipment includes coolant system with 100-litre tank, a brush for cleaning chips from the saw blade, light sensor barrier, cut depth setting, band tension adjustment for critical materials or thin-walled pipes and profiles, and material support.

Automation and monitoring options may be specified for unattended machining.

Kasto claimed bandsawing productivity has increased by 300 to 400 per cent with its ‘-tec’ range of bandsaws that have been factory fitted with KPC (Kasto Performance Cutting) technology.

It takes a holistic view of all aspects of the bandsawing process including blade guidance and monitoring, feeds and speeds for the materials being cut, machine construction, coolant delivery, the control system and blade selection.

The technology will be on show at Mach 2010 in the form of the 430mm-capacity Kastotec AC4 KPC.

Latest cutting tests show that case-hardening steel can be sawn at a speed similar to that achieved by bandsaws going through aluminium, according to Kasto.

The test piece was 16 NiCrMo 6 steel tempered to 950N/mm2, 420mm diameter, sawn using a 54 x 1.3mm standard, thin-kerf, coated-carbide blade on a Kastotec AC5 KPC.

By selecting a band speed of 300m/min and 220mm/min downfeed, the cut was completed in two minutes, equivalent to a cut rate of 692mm2/min.

Kastotec AC-series machines feature a steel/mineral cast composite construction that is said to be six to eight times more vibration-absorbing than cast iron.

The machine has a powerful main drive through a rigid, play-free spur bevel gear delivering 98 per cent of the available power directly to the drive wheels.

High-precision cuts are a result of having blade guides as close as possible to the stock on both sides, and maintenance-free linear guides for the hydraulic infeed.

Together with feedback of cutting force, blade speed and position, they provide consistent feed per tooth, irrespective of the ambient temperature.

Overlaid on this specification is the new KPC package, which Kasto has developed to improve cutting productivity still further.

The focus has been on minimising vibration during cutting, which has the three-fold benefit of raising accuracy, reducing noise and allowing increases in band speed and feed rate.

Key steps taken include new blade guidance on both sides of the cutting area (patent pending) and a measure to dampen vibrations using the so-called ‘Trumguide’ system.

Central to the step-change in performance, it is a simple and effective device.

Two spring-loaded tensioner guides are mounted at the returning side of the blade, inside the top of the saw head guarding at either end.

These guides have the effect of suppressing vibration on the side opposite to the cutting action.

The KastoAlu range of circular saws has been introduced by Kasto specifically for cutting aluminium and plastic profiles without damaging the delicate materials.

Models in the KastoAlu range comprise manual and semi-automatic upstroking models M10, U10, U12, U14 and U20, and a fully automatic upstroking saw, A13.

Except for the A13, all saws are capable of double-ended mitring as well as straight cutting.

KastoAlu machines fall within Kasto’s workshop range of saws.

Rectangular stock up to 300 x 100mm can be processed on the U20 while the U12 accommodates 110 x 70mm material.

Capacity of the automatic A13 is 200 x 90mm.

Complex mitre cuts are possible on the M10 and U10 models, as the 400mm diameter saw blade can be positioned up to 45-deg left or right and at the same time inclined at up to 45-deg to the vertical.

This allows compound mitre cuts, which are increasingly required in complicated building structures.

Hydro-pneumatic, infinitely variable saw feed is a feature of all automated models in the KastoAlu series.

Minimum lubrication of the carbide-tipped saw blade is common throughout the range, as well as the provision of a compressed air gun and a port for connecting chip extraction equipment.

Mitre angle is up to +/- 90-deg on the larger semi-automatic machines.

The KastoAlu A13 is a numerically controlled, automatic circular saw with an additional function for semi-automatic operation, designed for 90-deg cutting of aluminium, plastics profiles and solid materials.

Features include a precision ballscrew for material feed and infinitely variable cutting height adjustment.

The Kasto Unitower C automated tower system, formerly intending for storing sheet metal as well as other items such as long stock, cut pieces, boxes, drums and pallets, is now available for storing bar.

Able to be customised from modules and easy to operate, the Unitower C is ideal for first-time users and is said to be an economical solution to storage in job shops, distribution centres and throughout industry.

Two sizes of bar store are available: 6.5m and 8.5m long, cassette width being 840mm.

Both are said to offer high storage density and are quick and inexpensive to configure – installation by the customer is even possible.

The Kasto-BasicControl with touch panel and operator guidance provides easy management of the system and has a ‘dead man’ control when used in semi-automatic mode.

The design of the steel structure is flexibly configured with standard, perforated structural profile up to a system height of 7m.

Shelves are moved on plastic inserts in the guideways and are pulled out or pushed back by a powered carriage that runs the height of the tower on racks, allowing the load to be presented to the operator at ground level.

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