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Banner Engineering’s 2010 catalogue provides a user-friendly guide to the company’s five product divisions: sensors, vision and vision lighting, wireless, indicators and machine safety.

The full-colour catalogue includes more than 800 pages of product features, application images, model numbers and accessories.

The sensors division features photoelectric, fibre optic, special purpose, ultrasonic and measuring array sensors; the vision and vision-lighting section features Banner’s IVU Integrated Touch Screen Image Sensors and the IVU Image Sensors with Remote Display; the wireless section features Surecross Wireless Network devices and Flexpower power supplies; the indicators division details the company’s highly visible and versatile EZ-Light range; and the machine-safety section illustrates products such as the SC22-3 Safety Controller and EZ-Screen LP low-profile safety light screen.

This catalogue features multiple navigation options for enhanced usability, including colour-coded tabs that correspond with product divisions listed in the table of contents.

The catalogue’s ‘What’s New’ section introduces users to Banner’s new products, such as the IVU Touch Screen Image Sensors, the Surecross Ethernet Data Radio and expansions to Banner’s popular World-Beam QS18, Q20 and QS30 photoelectric-sensor lines.

Users can then compare product features and performance using the catalogue’s convenient selection guide.

Banner’s 2010 catalogue features detailed illustrations of how these products can be applied in myriad industrial applications, with page references that efficiently guide users to further information on each product demonstrated.

This resource also contains more than 100 pages of accessories, including mounting brackets, cordsets, retro-reflectors and enclosures.

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