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Banner Engineering is offering World-Beam QS18 foreground suppression sensors, designed to reliably detect objects regardless of colour, reflectivity, surface irregularities or background conditions.

The sensor’s universal mounting design is said to make installation quick and easy, while a screwdriver adjustment allows for precise setup of the sensing range.

With a compact and IP67-rated sealed housing, the QS18 adjustable-field sensors can provide a solution for small or difficult-to-reach areas.

The QS18 sensors operate in diffuse mode, detecting light returned by the background, but ignoring light returned by the object.

The concept is similar to that of a polarised retroreflective sensor; if the sensor cannot see the background (reflector), the output switches on – indicating that the target object is present.

‘These photoelectric sensors are suitable for material handling or packaging applications where irregular sized/positioned or shiny objects are present against a fixed background,’ said Mike Turner, material handling business development manager at Banner Engineering.

These compact sensors are available in two adjustable cut-off ranges: 15-40mm and 30-200mm.

The short-range models are suitable for detecting thinner objects that are closer to the background.

The QS18 foreground suppression sensors are said to be useful if the following application conditions are present: reflective target object; reflective background; detecting dark objects on light backgrounds; and sensors aimed toward factory lights.

The QS18 foreground suppression sensors are also suitable for challenging material handling and packaging applications due to their adjustable range; short-range models offer a 15mm to 40mm sensing range and long-range models offer up to 200mm sensing range.

They are said to offer reliable detection when a fixed background is present and the object colour or shape varies.

Objects are detected to the face of the sensor (no dead zone).

A crosstalk immunity algorithm allows two sensors to be used in close proximity.

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