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Banner Engineering has introduced the iVu series image sensor, which features a touch screen with an intuitive interface and easily configurable inspection parameters.

This allows users to quickly and conveniently apply and support inspections on the factory floor, without the use of a PC.

The iVu offers three advanced sensor types in one compact, rugged package, making it possible to solve a variety of complex applications with one sensor.

Typical applications include: label inspection; part presence and orientation; date/lot code inspection; vial cap inspection; injection moulding verification; packaging verification; drilled hole inspection; blister pack inspection; weld nut presence and orientation; feeder bowl inspection; end-of-mail indication; and electronic marking verification.

The features of the iVu series image sensor make it useful in a variety of applications.

These features include: integrated or external lighting (red, blue, green or infrared options); 68.5 mm (2.7in) LCD touch screen display; software emulator to program the iVu offline and load parameters using a USB drive; 752 x 480 CMOS imager; remote TEACH; onboard help functions; adjustable focus lenses; onboard USB port for upload/download to USB drive; and inspection/system logging for rapid analysis.

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