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Banner Engineering has added a low profile model to its EZ-Screen range of safety light screens.

The low-profile model pairs a space-saving footprint – ideal for safeguarding of smaller machines – with reliable performance suited even for large power presses.

The first and last beams of the EZ-Screen Low Profile (LP) are positioned at the ends of the light screen, delivering continuous detection along the entire light-screen length and eliminating the dead zones found on traditional safety light curtains.

Mike Carlson, technical manager for Banner’s safety products, said: ‘In many safeguarding applications, space can be limited.

‘In these cases, the safety light screen may need to be positioned within the frame of the machine.

‘With traditional safety light curtains, this would result in a gap, or dead zone, in the opening of the machine, which could lead to a hazardous situation.

‘The EZ-Screen LP solves this problem with a compact 28 x 26mm housing and end-to-end sensing, while maximising ease of installation and flexibility.’ The EZ-Screen LP provides excellent versatility, with 14 or 25mm resolution models, defined areas from 270 to 1810mm and detection ranges up to 7m with excellent excess gain to solve a variety of application needs.

The interconnection of cascade sensors has also been optimised with no big cable loops, allowing up to four sensor pairs and an emergency stop or interlocking guard switches to be connected at the end sensor.

There are also models with nickel-plated housing for ESD-safe applications, clear anodised aluminium housing or ‘safety’ yellow powder-coat housing.

The mounting scheme includes brackets for end or side mounting with no dead zone, both styles included with each sensor.

Additional mounting options include a ‘Universal’ adapter bracket for mounting to slotted framing, a solution for mounting the sensor inside tubular framing such as P1000 Unistrut, and fixed or pivoting angle brackets to make installation of cascade sensors quick and easy.

The EZ-Screen LP offers the high performance and convenient features expected of EZ-Screen safety light screens, including simple alignment and setup, flexible wiring to allow emitters and receivers to be used interchangeably, easily configured reduced resolution and fixed blanking and cascading.

Blocked beams are identified using zone indicators and a seven-segment display shows diagnostic information and number of blocked beams.

The EZ-Screen LP also has the following features: response times as fast as 8 milliseconds; it exceeds OSHA/ANSI Control Reliability requirements; it is certified to CULUS NIPF; it is CE certified to Type 4, Category 4 PLe and SIL 3; simple two-piece integrated design; convenient setup without a PC, disassembly or additional devices; easily configured reduced resolution and fixed blanking; two solid-state safety outputs (500mA each); a selectable trip/latch output; and user configurable auxiliary output at 250mA.

The EZ-Screen LP delivers reliable safeguarding in a range of applications, including: small assembly equipment; pick-and-place machines; power and moulding presses; palletizers and packaging machinery; roll formers; automated production equipment; and lean and robotic work cells.

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