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Three high-end video walls from Barco have been used in a visualisation solution for Ormen Lange to monitor plant and flow of gas through pipelines.

Ormen Lange is a series of sea-floor installations at depths of between 800-1,100m and an onshore plant at Nyhamna (near the town of Molde) where the gas is processed.

From the onshore facility, the gas is exported beneath the North Sea through a 1,200km subsea export pipeline to the reception centre in Easington, on the east coast of the UK.

Hydro, which operated the field during the development phase, contracted ABB to deliver the control, safety and information management systems for the gas processing plant.

‘Ormen Lange needed a visualisation solution to monitor the plant and the flow of gas through the pipelines, plus display solutions for the simulation and collaboration rooms,’ said Morten Hansen, sales manager of Barco’s Norwegian distributor Videosystem.

ABB elaborated a comprehensive design proposal for the control room, including recommendations on Barco displays and supporting projection systems.

ABB designed an ergonomically optimised room featuring a giant 14 x 50in central Barco video wall system (7×2 configuration) with rear projection, controlled by a Barco display controller and management software.

For the simulator room, a video wall system (4×2 50in cubes) on castors was delivered, to allow front projection.

In addition, a wall of 3×3 cubes was set up in the collaboration room.

The main task of the operators manning the control room is to monitor and control production at the onshore Ormen Lange plant and minimise safety risks.

During normal operations, the Barco video wall therefore displays process overviews, live CCTV camera feeds, an alarm list and a fire and gas overview, among other data.

During an emergency shutdown, the on-screen content can be changed to zoom in on security relevant information.

Hansen said: ‘The operators have an easy, unifying overview of operational as well as security aspects of their operations.

‘In case of a problem, they can spot it straight away, as the alarm is clearly visible, and then look at the desktop for more details,’ he added.

To make sure the video wall retains high quality year after year, Videosystem offers a complete overhaul of the installations once a year.

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