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Hydrafeed has revealed how its barfeed and automated solutions for turning machines have been used in a diverse range of applications for the handling and feeding of components.

The Multifeed 3-80 short magazine barfeed system was introduced to Finescale Engineering in June 2009.

Finescale Engineering is a prototype and development company that produces anything from rail and automotive components to specialist small parts for model railways and vintage motorcycles.

The company acquired a small Haas OL (office lathe) with single-phase plug for producing parts from 5-25mm diameter and 3-75mm length in batches from 100-1500.

To maximise productivity and implement lights-out machining, Finescale Engineering acquired the Hydrafeed Multifeed 3-80 barfeed system that accommodates up to 10 25mm diameter bars.

However, limited by space, the subcontractor needed a bespoke system with a decreased length to ensure the barfeed fitted into the compact machine shop.

To this end, Hydrafeed developed a reduced length Multifeed with an overall bar capacity of 600mm as opposed to the standard length of 1.65m.

Since the acquisition of the Multifeed barfeed, Finescale has improved its productivity and machine up-time.

The Hydrafeed system has also enabled the subcontractor to produce batches with no manual input or the need for re-stocking the machine.

Hydrafeed has also installed an automated bar support system at a manufacturer of shafts for the shipbuilding industry on the south coast.

The customer specified a Mazak E500 turning centre and required a system capable of supporting and feeding shafts into the lathe up to 7m long and 150mm diameter.

Mazak supplied a turnkey solution that included a bespoke 7m support system from Hydrafeed that is crane-loaded with bars that protrude beyond 5.5m outside the turning centre.

A spokesperson from the marine manufacturer said: ‘We installed a Hydrafeed barfeed to a smaller turning centre seven years ago and it has been working well for 14-15 hours a day, so we were pleased to install a second system.

‘However, the E500 turning centre that was installed in 2008 was a different prospect, machining bars from 80-180mm diameter and up to and even beyond 7m long.’
The bespoke Hydrafeed barfeed is said to have fitted into the production process at the marine subcontract business with ease.

This is credit to the Hydrafeed system utilising a single bar holder to eliminate set-up times that often occur when bar sizes are changed.

The Hydrafeed barfeed also eliminates the need to adjust roller height to accommodate bars entering the turning centre.

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