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Hydrafeed has launched the 5-51 Autofeed long magazine barfeed, which is suitable for manufacturers of fixed-head turning centres demanding the automated production of larger bar stock.

The barfeed is capable of feeding round, square and hexagonal bar stock into CNC turning centres and has been developed to accommodate the individual needs of the customer, catering for bar lengths 3.8, 3.2 or 2.5m to suit the needs of the end user.

The 5-51 is part of a series of barfeeds that also includes the 3-26 and the 3-38 series for holding bar diameters from 3-26mm and 3-38mm respectively.

The 5-51 series has a bar capacity from 5-51mm.

Hydrafeed said that customers acquiring the Autofeed 5-51 have improved productivity and reduced production costs thanks to the enhanced automation potential and features on the barfeed.

Features of the barfeed include a double pusher system that reduces the overall length of the barfeed by up to 1.2m.

This is suitable for machine shops working with long bars and limited by the available space for a barfeed system.

The double pusher incorporates a short pusher that pre-feeds the bar and then retracts.

At this point a second full-length pusher lowers into position to continue the feeding process.

The bar pusher is equipped with a standard rotating tip that ensures smooth running at high rev/min.

The Autofeed 5-51 has a dual anti-vibration device that stabilises the bar stock at two different points to maximise the rev/min potential.

The adjustable roller design provides support and improves the set-up of bars of all diameters without the cost of multiple bearing blocks.

The first roller steady is located inside the front of the barfeed to support the bar as it enters the telescopic nose.

The second roller is mounted at the rear of the sliding headstock to follow the material as it moves along the Z-axis.

This enhances the feeding process, improves stability and rigidity and therefore surface finishes, while operating at higher speeds.

For highly automated environments, the Autofeed incorporates a remnant retracting gripper.

The gripper holds and inserts the new bar into the collet and then extracts the post-production remnant.

The gripper is self-centring, so requires no adjustment for different bar diameters.

It withdraws the remnant to the back end of the magazine and deposits it in a well-hidden remnant basket, leaving the machine to efficiently continue production without operator intervention.

The Autofeed 5-51 has a user-friendly touch-screen control system that has a memory capacity for 36 different jobs to simplify changeovers.

The control system supports all troubleshooting and diagnostic features.

It is linked to a remote pendant that allows manual and automatic operation with bar pusher movement, emergency stop, and manual load/unload functions.

Both control systems operate the robust and reliable Mitsubishi controller and servo drive, improving the functionality and movement of the Autofeed.

Additional features on the Autofeed include stock alignment guides for reducing set-up times, plus quick-change guide channels with a ‘U’-shaped bottom guide channel to enable the sections to efficiently slide out of their base.

This cuts noise and vibration to improve operability for the end user.

For manufacturers with bar-turning demands beyond 51mm diameter parameters, Hydrafeed will be launching a larger barfeed system later in 2011 to complement the existing Autofeed series.

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