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Barix AG has introduced the Barix Paging Station PS16, a compact, multifunction master station for use in IP-intercom, paging and voice-over-IP applications.

The system includes Barix’s modular Audio-over-IP technology, delivering reliable IP communications, and integrates features to create a standalone master station for security applications.

The PS16 connects directly to a facility network and can communicate with other PS16 stations or Barix Audio-over-IP devices, as well as IP-enabled microphones, speakers, amplifiers or intercom panels spread over a large area.

This makes it suitable for distributed intercom, monitoring, or paging systems in security applications, where voice communications from one-to-many points is a requirement.

The standard PS16 iMaster application offers a variety of features, including: group call, public-address broadcast, per-location audible-call identifier, remote-relay operation and unattended mode operation, where operators can quickly record an unattended message for automatic answering of calls when the central station is unmanned.

The station PS16 features a flexible gooseneck microphone, a 1W speaker, a two by 24 character backlit LCD, and 16 user-definable push buttons with LED indicators that can be scaled using Barix expansion modules to support larger installations.

Power can be supplied using PoE via the network cable or with a conventional wall plug.

The software application on the PS16 is shipped with source code, so the functionality can be adapted to the customer needs should the user require a bespoke system rather than the standard intercom application.

The built-in intelligence and full programmability of the device enables systems integrators and end users to create PC-Free applications, including live-IP intercom and paging, automated playback of stored messages, SIP-capable phone communications, and desktop-intercom communications.

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