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Barkston, a provider of high-end plastic solutions, has won a contract to be one of the principal companies in a consortium exporting lithographic and chemical process tanks to the Far East.

The company has been commissioned to undertake a series of these processing tanks for installations in the US, Italy, India and other projects in Asia.

Barkston competed for the contract in partnership with Process Line, a Yeadon-based metal process engineering company.

Weighing in at more than five tonnes, these 16m-long, 2m-wide engineered polypropylene (PP) tanks are being transported from the manufacturing base in Leeds to southern China.

The tanks have been precision engineered and fabricated to ensure efficient installation.

The modular design is based around a heavy-duty metal frame with laser cutting for accuracy and spark testing of all welds to ensure that there are no leaks on site.

The processing tanks, valves and the piping that have been devised to process the chemicals are made of specialist plastics that have been identified as fit for purpose, ensuring optimum productivity and a long service life in a harsh chemical environment.

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