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In a bid to help businesses manage their transportation more cost effectively, Barloworld Logistics is launching ‘Transport as a Managed Service’ to the UK and European markets.

The offering will enable businesses to save up to 20 per cent of their overall transportation costs.

For companies with large transportation systems, multiple sources and multiple destinations for their products, Barloworld’s managed service accurately establishes when, or not, transportation assets are required.

This enables companies to manage their transportation needs and improve how assets, whether their own or the available industry fleet, are better utilised.

Transport as a managed service combines network optimisation, procurement and a tailored management system to bring together transportation suppliers to fulfil their client’s ongoing operational needs.

John van Wyk, chief executive officer of Barloworld Logistics, said: ‘We analyse, design, implement and manage solutions to transportation issues; from ensuring that transporters are legally compliant, through to acting as a single supplier from management to invoice.’

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