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Following the launch of its Newair IB Express system last year, Sealed Air has introduced an Extra Large size of bubble to its range of films, developed to provide cost savings and flexibility.

The new Extra Large size of bubble in Regular grade is made with up to 15 per cent recycled content.

The extensive inflatable cushioning range now allows operators to create inflated cushions with finished widths of 300 and 600mm.

According to Sealed Air, its proprietary film technology not only retains air longer than non-barrier polyethylene air cellular materials but, in testing, consistently out-performs other materials for cushioning, blocking, bracing and overall packaging protection.

The Newair IB Express is claimed to be a versatile, compact and high-performance packaging system that can create up to 20m of patented Barrier Bubble material per minute.

By quickly creating packaging materials on-site and on demand, the Newair IB Express system eliminates the need to store large amounts of bulky materials, saving space while reducing material handling.

The compact size and speed of the system allows operators to create inflatable Barrier Bubble cushions at workstations, online or for batching processes.

The system is compatible with a number of batching options such as the roll winder attachment, Instasheeter high-speed converting system and Jet Stream delivery system.

The delivery options allow customers to incorporate Sealed Air’s films into almost any application with minimal material handling.

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