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Saint-Gobain has launched the Coretech barrier membrane technology platform, which enables the engineering of versatile and lightweight chemical- and biological-protective composites.

Coretech barrier membranes are designed to improve product performance and cost-effectiveness.

The technology has been demonstrated in a range of applications, such as Onesuit Pro hazmat suits, which offer maximum protection against the permeation of chemical and biological substances in both liquid and vapour form.

Coretech barrier membranes are made by combining different polymers, elastomers and woven and non-woven substrates to achieve combinations of properties that will reliably deliver the required performance levels.

Each Coretech barrier membrane has been engineered to deliver permeation resistance to more than 100 chemicals, including biological and chemical warfare agents.

According to Saint-Gobain, other benefits include durability and robustness, non-combustibility and fire resistance, as well as flexible and lightweight structure for comfort and portability.

They are suitable for use with a wide range of fabrication methods, such as welding or stitch and over-tape.


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