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Absopulse Electronics has introduced the BCH 2K5-120-EQ industrial-quality battery charger that utilises high-frequency (HF) conversion technology to deliver up to 2,500W of continuous output power.

This charger accepts an input-voltage range of 190VAC to 264VAC, while in float mode it provides 135V DC/16A for charging a 120V (60-cell) battery.

Other input/output values are available on request.

This design also has a manually initiated equalise cycle.

Activated by a push-button ‘EQ/ON’, the equalise function elevates the output voltage to 141VDC for the battery.

The equalise time is controlled by a built-in timer, adjustable in the one- to nine-hour range.

This mode can be manually deactivated at any time.

The BCH 2K5-120-EQ is rated for heavy-duty applications with a -40C to +70C temperature rating for full specification.

Cooling is by convection via louvers on the cabinet.

The absence of fans, a low component count and the use of components with established reliability result in a high meantime between failures, according to the company.

The chassis is designed for a wall-mounted application.

The new charger is constructed with internal modules, connected in parallel, which also provide inherent redundancy; the failure of one module would only cause a minor loss in total output power.

The charger output is equipped with a built-in crossbar diode and an output breaker as a safety feature against accidental reverse battery connection.

Other protection includes input inrush current limiting, over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection and a self-resetting thermostat for thermal protection.

An optional charger fail alarm (Form C) indicates a loss of AC input power.

The BCH 2K5-120-EQ is priced in the USD2,211 (GBP1,447) range at low quantities (five to 24), depending on the options required.

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