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Summit Microelectronics has expanded its third-generation programmable battery-charger integrated-circuit (IC) range for single-cell li-ion, Li-Polymer and Li-FePO4 powered systems.

The SMB328A and SMB328B are said to integrate the largest feature set in the industry, including compatibility with all relevant industry standards: USB 2.0 Specification, USB On-The-Go Supplement, JEITA Safety Guidelines, IEEE1725 Standard and Chinese USB Charging Specification.

Both products incorporate functionality that allows automatic matching between the AC/DC adaptor’s current capability and the portable device’s charging requirements.

High-efficiency operation allows for higher, continuous charging current levels, ensuring battery charging even during high system load conditions.

The SMB328A and SMB328B enable companies to create slim industrial designs with significantly faster charging times, making it suitable for smart phones and other portable consumer products.

The devices are based on a 3MHz switch-mode architecture, with minimal external components, which results in efficient power delivery and compact solution size.

The SMB328A allows for I2C control of parametric and functional performance, while the SMB328B operates in a GPIO-controlled configuration.

Summit’s Turbocharge technology is incorporated in both devices, enabling charging current levels up to 750mA from 500mA USB source from current-limited input power sources.

The products provide the means to accomplish universal USB charging and to meet the various USB industry standards, without the need for additional hardware and software support.

Automatic Input Current Limit detects the maximum current capability of the AC/DC adapter (can be as low as 300mA for Chinese chargers to more than 1.5A per USB charging specification) and automatically programs the device’s input current limit accordingly.

Both products also support poorly regulated wall adapters by providing built-in input over-voltage protection and pre-loading bias to aid voltage regulation of such adapters.

The SMB328A and SMB328B incorporate a range of safety features for the battery and the system.

Both products adhere to the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Association (JEITA) safety guidelines, by preventing high charging voltage levels during certain low- and high-temperature ranges.

Battery-pack temperature limits and charging voltage compensation levels are programmable, resulting in optimised operation for a given battery.

In addition, the SMB328A and SMB328B support IEEE1725 by including dual redundant protection for input/output current and voltage, chip and battery thermal protection, hardware and software safety timers, battery missing detection and a variety of status and fault registers.

The SMB328A and SMB328B also incorporate an LDO that can provide instant-on power from the input source to critical system components, allowing them to wake up and perform system functions, even with a deeply discharged (dead), or missing battery.

Both products also allow the host to directly measure charge current in real time, allowing the system to recognise the operating mode it is in and making necessary adjustments for increasing battery life, monitoring for safety and communicating information to the user.

The SMB328A and SMB328B are also capable of supporting USB On-The-Go, by providing 5V and up to 500mA to VBUS – exceeding the requirements set by the USB OTG Supplemental Specification.

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