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Applied Energy has launched the Maverick, a high frequency battery charger that minimises the amount of power drawn, giving users of electric vehicles cost savings and reduced CO2 emissions.

The charger also offers additional power capacity and is available in conventional, opportunity and rapid charge start rates.

Vern Fleming, president of Applied Energy Solutions, said: ‘The Maverick high frequency-insulated gate bipolar transistor (HF-IGBT) charger returns more energy at a lower cost than conventional chargers.

‘It has a full load power factor of 0.95.’ The Maverick’s TCC 2.0 controller allows for lower battery recharge temperature due to a low ripple current.

In addition, the IGBT switching efficiencies at medium and high power are higher and the drive circuitry is simpler.

This means that the Maverick can be used at higher frequencies without the audio noise found in conventional chargers.

Energy savings can be realised by utilising the unit’s programmable controls, which enable users to stagger the charger start time outside high-cost peak demand periods.

Additional features include: delayed start from 15mins to 4h in 15min intervals; equalise can be done manually, automatically with day/time setting, or every five cycles; auto-refresh charge every 24 hours; programmable charge termination when battery voltage reaches gassing; remote control interface; auto-start with 5s delay; auto-shutdown when 80 per cent or final charge exceeds time limit, for excessive voltage or charge current irregularities, and when the maximum battery temperature is exceeded; digital readout displays and LED charge status indicators.

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