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Solartron Metrology has invested in a Venture Vision System from Baty International to improve final checks of its measurement products in the quality control department.

Solartron Metrology manufactures an extensive range of products including LVDTs, half bridge and digital gauging probes, LVDT and magnetostrictive displacement transducers.

Solartron also makes a wide variety of specialist length gauges and position sensors, plus associated electronics and instrumentation.

These products are suitable for use within the laboratory, on the shop floor, in the field, or within any situation where precise, consistent linear measurements are critical.

The company’s products are used throughout the world in areas such as quality control, test and measurement and machine control.

Industries served include the global automotive, electronics, aerospace, materials, optics and semiconductor sectors.

To ensure optimum product performance within the field, the company operates a quality control regime.

Investment in high-end quality control equipment ensures that Solartron Metrology is able to undertake meticulous in-process and final inspection checks.

A recent requirement for an extremely accurate, non-contact measuring device prompted Solartron’s quality manager, Terry Everett, to embark upon a web search that would help him formulate a shortlist of suitable instruments and providers.

Having compiled a list of the most applicable non-contact measuring machine manufacturers, a series of demonstrations of measuring machines that could meet the required high specifications was organised.

Everett said: ‘As we manufacture an extremely wide range of products and associated components, most of which have very exacting dimensional specifications, we needed to locate a very precise, extremely flexible measuring machine.

‘Also, as many of our parts are able to be deflected by conventional tactile measuring devices, we needed to find a very precise, non-contact gauging solution.

‘To ensure that we invested in the most suitable option, we invited several metrology companies to demonstrate their high-specification, non-contact measuring machines to the staff in our quality department.

‘On viewing each machine’s performance, the general consensus was that the CNC version of Baty International’s Venture Vision System represented the best available product.

‘Now in regular use, our Baty vision measuring system is proving useful for undertaking not only the rapid and accurate measurement of a multitude of one-off parts, but also for the precise measurement of multiple parts by using the machine’s speedy CNC mode.

‘As the CNC version of Baty’s Venture Vision System uses intuitive software, our operators became very proficient after a relatively short training period,’ he added.

Baty’s Venture Vision System is said to offer advanced features, including an integrated mount that is suitable for the fitting of a standard Renishaw TP20 touch probe and Baty’s new, fully programmable white LED surface lighting system.

An automatic video edge-detection facility with circle, arc, line and point tools, together with a free-form scanning tool, enables the capture of thousands of data points in seconds.

The Venture uses a high-resolution USB2 CCD camera that provides a high-definition colour image, a digital zoom facility and sharp image capture capability for professional reporting.

A premium 6.5:1 CNC zoom lens allows the automatic selection of the optimum magnification for each featured part, while Z-axis measurement is performed in auto-focus mode.

Venture’s Fusion software gives a best-fit comparison to DXF files, providing an instantaneous pass/fail judgement for complex shapes.

A bi-product of a Venture measuring routine is that a fully dimensioned drawing of the measured part is produced automatically.

SPC analysis, including graphic control charts, is also included within the Venture software package.

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