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Severn Trent Services has renewed an agreement to distribute Lanxess’s Bayoxide E IN-20 and Bayoxide E33HC media, a removal technology for arsenic, heavy metals and inorganics in wastewater treatment.

The five-year agreement will continue to give Severn Trent Services the rights to offer the Bayoxide technology to global municipal wastewater and industrial sectors.

The company has exclusive global rights to provide Lanxess’s Bayoxide E33 media for drinking-water applications.

In wastewater applications, the Bayoxide E IN-20 and E33 HC media effectively adsorb chemical metallic pollutants and are equally effective with a range of effluent contaminants found in municipal and industrial processes.

For example, the Bayoxide E IN-20 media is ideally suited for low-level phosphorus removal at wastewater treatment facilities that must meet stringent nutrient effluent discharge limits.

Bayoxide is a dry, robust, crystalline granular ferric oxide media designed with a high capacity for adsorbing arsenic, heavy metals and other inorganic contaminants.

Target markets for the Bayoxide E IN-20 and E 33 HC media include aquariums, municipal wastewater, mining, semiconductor manufacturing, steel production, chemical processing and groundwater remediation.

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