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Optical Surfaces has delivered a 235mm clear aperture beam collimator to enable an avionics/defence supplier to precisely measure the quality of imaging systems from the visible to the IR.

The beam collimator uses modulation transfer function (MTF) criteria to measure the system quality.

Beam collimators are optical assemblies that take divergent or convergent incoming light rays and produce parallel light output.

They can be used to replicate a target at infinity without parallax.

Beam collimators can also be used to calibrate other optical devices, to check if all elements are aligned on the optical axis, to set elements at proper focus, or to align two or more devices.

Optical Surfaces produced the 235mm clear aperture beam collimator with an output wavefront error better than lambda/5 p-v and an off-axis optical design that produced no central obscuration and delivered highly efficient transmission.

The company’s main workshops and test facilities are deep underground in a series of tunnels excavated in solid chalk where temperature remains constant and vibration is practically non-existent.

With such stable conditions, testing particularly with long path lengths become quantifiable and reliable.

Optical Surfaces

Optical Surfaces Ltd has been producing large and demanding high-precision optical components and systems for more than 40 years and is today internationally acknowledged for its technical expertise, attention to quality and customer service.

With the main workshops and test facilities deep underground in an area excavated from solid chalk, temperatures remain constant year-round and vibration is practically non-existent. These are important considerations when making, mounting and testing high-precision optics. Working with these natural advantages Optical Surfaces Ltd is able to supply high-precision off-axis parabolas, spherical and flat mirrors, etalons, aspherics, reference flats, windows, collimators and beam expanders for the most demanding applications. With such stable conditions, testing, particularly with long path lengths, becomes quantifiable and reliable. Investment in large-aperture Fizeau, Zygo GPI, Flashphase, Twyman Green, Scatterplate, and Laser Unequal Path interferometers allows detailed testing of the largest-diameter optics. Topographic and fringe analysis provides precise testing of surface roughness and confirms the wavefront of various surface forms. A rolling programme for calibration of test optics where possible to national standards and production approval to ISO 9001-2008 ensure that the quality of optics from Optical Surfaces is second to none.

Today the company is a trusted supplier to leading scientific, astronomical and defence establishments including many space projects worldwide.

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