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OFS has used its capabilities in specialty fibre design, manufacturing and processing technologies to create an all-fibre beam combiner, a component that enables multi-kilowatt laser applications.

OFS is working with Hypertherm, a manufacturer of metal cutting systems, on a product that incorporates the beam combiner technology that is expected to be available later this year.

The all-fibre beam component works to enable multi-kilowatt fiber lasers by combining the beams from up to seven individual fibre lasers.

Early demonstrations of the technology have reached more than 1.5kW of power with a high-brightness, high-quality beam.

OFS’s design for the all-fibre beam combiner is based on a combination of specialty fibre design and glass processing.

It is expected that the beam combiner will be used at several kilowatts of output power.

In the Hypertherm application, the level of power and precision reached with the all-fibre beam combiner enables development of high-reliability fibre laser cutting solutions.

This product can be customised to a wide range of fibre laser types and other applications using multi-kilowatt fibre lasers.

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