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Heason Technology now offers GMT Global’s comprehensive and modular Mini Stage range of manual translation stages, for linear and rotary multi-axis micropositioning applications in manufacturing.

The Mini Stage range includes a diverse selection of bearing technologies, mounting/assembly configurations and build specifications that allow a flexible choice for each individual micropositioning task and combine for a very cost-effective overall solution.

Complete photonics or bio-lab set-ups can be quickly and efficiently assembled with a broad selection of accessories available.

The Mini Stage range is competitively priced with average list pricing typically 35 per cent below other manufacturers’ like-for-like product lines.

Products are built to ISO 9001-2000 manufacturing standards by GMT Global.

Mini Stage linear stages are available with cross roller, linear ball and dovetail slide bearings with typical travel from 13mm to over 100mm.

Offering high positioning sensitivity, load-bearing capacity and rigidity, the cross-roller bearing versions have anodised aluminium construction and are supplied in horizontal or vertical single-axis configurations, or as dual X-Y mounted assemblies.

Precision micrometers are included within the unit price for all of the cross-roller and linear-ball stages and used throughout with face drive or alternatively small footprint/low-profile side-drive configurations where space is at a premium.

The linear ball bearing range has stainless steel construction and single or X-Y configuration.

With precision micrometer drives, the range has similar sensitivity to the cross roller with slightly less rigidity and load capacity but will suit applications where more durable materials are necessary.

The dovetail linear slide range has high rigidity for general purpose manual positioning and is supplied with threaded screw or rack and pinion drive options.

Complementary vertical translation stages are available with cross roller and dovetail slides and laboratory jacks are also offered.

All linear stages have lock mechanisms that securely fix the stage position after adjustment.

Rotary stages are available in precision grades up to 125mm diameter with fine adjustment screws and vernier scales reading to five arc-sec.

For basic rotary positioning, an Economy rotary-stage range is also offered with rotatable and lockable top plate with a simple 0-360deg scale.

Goniometer stages in single- and dual-axis configuration are also available with lockable dovetail slideways in brass material.

The complete range also includes low profile magnetic bases, mounting plates, tilt stages and separate micrometers.

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