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FTL’s sliding-element bearing solutions are formed from a mixture of multipurpose surface treatments and coatings, combined with specially designed surface geometries.

Surface treatments provide benefits from the properties of the deposited coating, while retaining the strength, thermal conductivity or expansion characteristics of the substrate.

Combining several surface treatments means acquiring the properties of resistance to scuffing, wear and corrosion at the same time.

Optimum properties are obtained by combining surface treatments with suitable substrates, selected for core mechanical properties and compatibility with the various surface-treatment processes.

To enhance the properties of the materials and treatments used, surface geometries are designed to address specific environmental requirements, such as lubrication and abrasion.

The two main geometries used are crosshatching and surface cavities.

A reserve of grease is built up in the lines of a greased joint, which allows the periods between greasing to be extended, enabling unplanned lubrication.

Compared with conventional greasing lines, the intervals between greasing are said to be doubled.

Even with heavy loads, these lines keep the grease in the contact area, ensuring effective lubrication.

Open-ended grid lines effectively clear hard-wear particles that make contact with the bushing and cause rapid wear.

This geometry is provided by surface cavities with an geometrical layout.

Surface cavities contain a considerable reserve of grease, providing for maintenance-free operation or infrequent greasing.

Surface cavities do not open outside of the bushing, while grease is not cleared and stays in permanent contact.

Surface cavities also capture wear particles that could cause rapid wear.

In moderately loaded high-speed slipping systems, surface cavities allow a local pseudo-hydrodynamic friction system to be established.

This results in decreased wear and low-friction coefficients.

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FTL Technology continues to enhance its image as a supplier of sealing, bearing and engineered solutions. Our desire to provide this type of solution underpins our entire Company’s work, values and beliefs; however these brand values are sometimes a little difficult to articulate.

Often customer’s opinions regarding credibility and ability to perform, can only be formed during their experience of dealing with our Company. If you have an apparently insolvable sealing or bearing problem, rather than simply provide a replacement part, we will consult with you and aim to deliver an ‘Engineered Solution’.

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