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At Power-Gen 2011, John Crane will endeavour to emphasise the wide-ranging nature of the end-to-end shaft products that it offers to the world’s power-generation industries.

These products are designed to help power industry operators to extend availability, increase plant reliability and minimise energy usage.

At stand 3L27, John Crane will feature a system of self-selection screens that will allow visitors to explore the company’s product range.

This range extends beyond mechanical sealing to include advanced bearing technologies, specialised filtration systems and power transmission couplings.

John Crane’s patented Advantage technology, for example, is available for fixed geometry journal bearings to support lower bearing temperatures and increase load capacity.

High-speed rotor installations are catered for by John Crane’s tilting pad journal and thrust bearings, which offer good operational stability and high load-carrying capacities.

The company can also provide bespoke combined bearings, designed to satisfy individual requirements, as well as pedestal bearings for a comprehensive range of generator, motor and line shaft applications.

Other complimentary products include hydrogen seals, temperature instrumentation, oil deflectors and labyrinths.

Also displayed at Power-Gen will be John Crane’s specialised Indufil filtration systems.

These are suitable for various rotating equipment fuel, fluid and gas conditioning applications and designed to provide a high level of performance and reliability while complying with a wide range of industry standards.

Single and duplex filters designed for use with oils, liquid hydrocarbons and water are included in the range, along with coalescing filters designed to remove liquids from fuel gas and seal gas.

These filters have a weld-free and forged body construction that makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, especially as vents, drains, valves, ports, flanges and fittings can be configured to suit specific requirements.

The filters are also supported by a range of associated products, such as plate cooler systems and ball valves.

John Crane’s Lase-A-Lign EX is intended for use on rotating equipment located in hazardous environments, making it suitable for a variety of power industry alignment tasks on turbines, compressors, motors, gearboxes and pumps.

The company’s Type 3740 cartridge split seal will form a centre point for the company’s mechanical sealing display at Power-Gen.

The Type 3740 enables both dry-running and wet-running applications to be served by a single seal design based on a common platform.

This makes it suitable for various power industry applications, as it is able to accommodate a wide range of different duties.

Other seals on display will include the heavy-duty Type 270F for high-pressure boiler feedwater pumps; compact Type 3710 split seals for use on large pumps; Type 37FS split seals for FGD side-entry agitators; and Type 5860 heavy-duty slurry seals and speciality seals for nuclear charging pump applications.

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