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Bekaert Diamond-Like Coatings, a provider of performance engine coating technologies, will exhibit at the Professional Motorsport Work Expo 2009 in Cologne, Germany, on 3-5 November.

The company, which will be found at Booth 2,035, will present its new high-temperature-resistant CavidurHT coating, part of its DLC product range.

The two main characteristics of DLC coatings are their resistance to extremely hard-wearing conditions and their very low coefficient of friction, which makes them suitable for a variety of engine components.

DLC coatings are resistant to temperatures up to 400C (750F) and they are, therefore, typically applied on engine components that endure low temperatures.

Until now, this low-temperature resistance has been considered a weakness of DLC coatings, as it excludes components that operate at high temperatures, such as exhaust valves, according to Bekaert.

Some suppliers currently use chromium nitride (CrN) coatings as an alternative for protecting these components against friction and wear.

However, Bekaert has developed an alternative DLC coating.

Tests on engines used in Nascar races have shown that the CavidurHT coating can be applied to exhaust valves, giving engine builders a suitable alternative to existing CrN coatings.

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