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The Everdry range of heat-regenerated adsorption dryers goes to the 20,000m/hr stated but Beko has the capability to provide solutions tailor made to customers’ needs beyond this figure.

According to the company, drying compressed air to low dew points such as -40C is expensive.

The desiccant medium has to go through a regeneration process in order to drive off the water adsorbed but then must be cooled down before the desiccant can start drying again.

The industry standard is that a desiccant dryer is two columns filled with desiccant.

The first column dries the compressed air until the desiccant is partly saturated then the other column comes on line and the wet column is regenerated and cooled.

All this takes energy and hence the trend has been, in these more energy conscious times, away from any kind of purge loss of the compressed air.

In fact, the ultimate solution to reduce drying costs is the HOC – heat of compression dryer.

This type of dryer uses the fact that compressing air raises the temperature of the air in two-stage non-lubricated compressors to approaching 200C.

In all other drying solutions this heat is allowed to pass downstream, where it can be recovered and used, but in many cases goes to waste through the cooling system.

This type of dryer is gaining increased market share because it can offer low dew points and also low running costs.

Different types of compressors require different versions of HOC Adsorption dryers.

The standard range of Beko fulfils all these various requirements, the company claims.

The version Everdry HOC-R (reload) provides stable pressure dew points lower than -40C.

The demand for high-quality air of the electronic industry with pressure dew points of -70C will be realised with the Reload procedure.

The range includes three other ranges of the classic twin-column or tower heat-reactivated adsorption dryers.

Beko Technologies

Beko develops, manufactures and sells components and systems worldwide for an optimised compressed air quality.

Beko develops, manufactures and sells components and systems worldwide for an optimised compressed air quality.

Beko stands for compressed air technology at its best. For more than two decades, Beko has developed, manufactured and sold high-quality, reliable and efficient components and systems for compressed air processing and condensate technology. Now, Beko offers a complete program for all tasks related to the transport and processing of compressed air. Expert advice and a qualified service are a trademark of the company.

Only a complete understanding of the business leads to success. Therefore, Beko always focuses on the customer and on their unique demands. The Beko consultants and development engineers are trained in the latest developments in order to implement futureproof solutions for our clients. Operational reliability, energy conservation, environmental friendliness and a contribution to decent working conditions constitute important focal points of the Beko philosophy.

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