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Beko Technologies has contributed to the Food and Beverage Grade Compressed Air Best Practice Guideline 102 — available from the British Compressed Air Society.

This best-practice guideline has been produced because compressed air is a utility and as such its provision is normally included in the prerequisite programme rather than the HACCP process. There was also an opportunity to review and update the guideline.

Key points include that staff members who provide the compressed-air products or complete system should have a minimum of five years’ training and on-the-job experience. Beko Technologies said that any person from its company attending sites to discuss products and systems will have at least 10 years’ experience.

There is importance attached to the correct installation in order to maintain air purity, together with the provision of standby equipment to allow maintenance and documentation as to what protection was taken during any periods of bypassing.

Much of the document focuses on the fact that the process always defines the purity required, but if there is no specification from the machinery supplier or the food and beverage industry client then this guideline should be followed.

Other key points in the guide

  • For the user, there are two categories of compressed-air usage: direct contact and indirect contact.
  • The air treatment requirement for the main contaminants has been adjusted to reflect changes in ISO 8573:2010 and the light of experience with the previous version of the guide.
  • There is a requirement for logging data and setting frequency of measurement in which the process or equipment used should define actions or the guideline of two measurements per year followed.
  • Particle counting and total oil should be frequently observed.

Beko Technologies

Beko develops, manufactures and sells components and systems worldwide for an optimised compressed air quality.

Beko develops, manufactures and sells components and systems worldwide for an optimised compressed air quality.

Beko stands for compressed air technology at its best. For more than two decades, Beko has developed, manufactured and sold high-quality, reliable and efficient components and systems for compressed air processing and condensate technology. Now, Beko offers a complete program for all tasks related to the transport and processing of compressed air. Expert advice and a qualified service are a trademark of the company.

Only a complete understanding of the business leads to success. Therefore, Beko always focuses on the customer and on their unique demands. The Beko consultants and development engineers are trained in the latest developments in order to implement futureproof solutions for our clients. Operational reliability, energy conservation, environmental friendliness and a contribution to decent working conditions constitute important focal points of the Beko philosophy.

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