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The Bekokat catalyst system from Beko Technologies can deliver a constant supply of oil-free compressed air with a barely detectable maximum residual oil content of 0.001mg/m³.

Due to the high-efficiency differences in the compression, the generation of oil-free compressed air with conventional, oil-lubricated compressors and an additional Bekokat is said to be significantly more efficient and therefore more cost effective than with oil-free screw compressors. According to the company, this is also achieved at lower investment costs and with consistently high compressed-air quality independent of the air suction conditions.

The Bekokat is also suitable for the retrofitting of existing compressor stations. In this manner, a compressor station with existing oil-lubricated compressors can easily be transformed into an oil-free compressed-air provision system without the need for expensive investments for new oil-free compressors.

The catalyst comprises a granulate that is heated to an operating temperature of around 150°C. In the catalyst, the oil molecules are broken up until only a carbon atom remains. At the end of the final catalytic phase, the oil molecules have oxidised to H2O and CO2. The oil-free compressed air can then be used for the given application; the remaining water is discharged. Consequently, Bekokat systems are effective and environmentally friendly.

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Key benefits

  • Bekokat exceeds the oil content stipulations of ISO 8573-1, Class 1.
  • Process reliability is maximised because catalytic oxidation takes place completely independent of independent of ambient temperature, inlet temperature, air humidity and oil inlet concentration.
  • Even during partial load operation, the efficiency of the catalyst technology of the Bekokat device is not reduced.
  • The long useful life of the special Bekokat granulate is around 20,000 hours.

Beko Technologies

Beko develops, manufactures and sells components and systems worldwide for an optimised compressed air quality.

Beko develops, manufactures and sells components and systems worldwide for an optimised compressed air quality.

Beko stands for compressed air technology at its best. For more than two decades, Beko has developed, manufactured and sold high-quality, reliable and efficient components and systems for compressed air processing and condensate technology. Now, Beko offers a complete program for all tasks related to the transport and processing of compressed air. Expert advice and a qualified service are a trademark of the company.

Only a complete understanding of the business leads to success. Therefore, Beko always focuses on the customer and on their unique demands. The Beko consultants and development engineers are trained in the latest developments in order to implement futureproof solutions for our clients. Operational reliability, energy conservation, environmental friendliness and a contribution to decent working conditions constitute important focal points of the Beko philosophy.

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