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Belden has added two bus coupling modules and six input/output (I/O) modules to its range of Lumberg Automation Lion-Link I/O systems.

These new products enable users to control electrical drives over Profibus, facilitate the networking of sensors and actors, retrofit or upgrade machines, deliver safety applications and/or decentralise the power supply.

Available with either M12 or M8 connector ports, the Lumberg Automation modules are designed for ease of installation and plug-and-play start-up, according to Belden.

They also offer comprehensive diagnostics possibilities, meet the requirements of protection class IP67 and exhibit high resistance to shock and jarring.

The Lion-Link peripheral I/O system can be used for line topologies of up to 100m in length.

The system comprises bus coupling modules for interfacing with higher-level fieldbus systems, including Profibus, Canopen, Devicenet or Ethernet, and protocol-independent I/O modules.

A key benefit is that machine manufacturers only need to implement minor hardware modifications when connecting equipment to end customers’ specific communication networks if they use different data transmission protocols.

The 0940 PSL 602 bus coupling module has been designed for the control of electrical drives over Profibus-DP V1.

Up to nine 0942 UEM 783 motion drive control modules can be connected to its two Link ports, suitable for controlling a maximum of 72 drives.

The motion drive control modules have four outputs that can be configured both for brushless EC and brush-fitted DC as well as other DC motors.

Acceleration, speed and deceleration can be controlled in non-cyclical mode.

The 0942 UEM 620 I/O Link master module provides point-to-point connections for sensors and actuators by means of the I/O Link protocol.

Four ports can be configured as digital I/O or for the communications mode.

The module is wired with three-conductor standard cords that can be up to 20m in length.

The Profibus bus coupling module allows users to connect up to six master modules.

In combination with a Profinet bus coupling module from the Lion-Link range, the I/O Link master module can also be used in Ethernet networks.

The 0940 PSL 603 bus coupling module permits the integration of up to 30 0942 UEM 670 shadow modules in a Profibus network.

Serving as inactive secondary components, these modules each provide eight digital I/O connections.

They can be activated by means of a hot plug function without compromising the higher-level Profibus communication.

In this way, lines can also be retrofitted or upgraded when in operation and without the need for additional hardware.

The 0942 UEM 602 and 0942 UEM 612 I/O modules each feature four digital outputs for an increased output current limiting of 2A per line and a maximum total of 6A.

While the 0942 UEM 602 version has standard-type outputs, those of the 0942 UEM 612 version are designed for safety-critical applications up to Performance Level D of the new machinery directive.

This module is, therefore, also suitable for intrinsically safe actuator control or emergency power-off functions.

The 0941 UNC 601/…M Lion-Link power module is used for decentralised power supply.

It has four ports, two potential circuits and a 10m lead with a conductor gauge of 5x1mm2.

This provides for bridging distances of up to 25m without voltage loss as well as for configuring separate potential groups each with their own fuses.

Beyond ensuring safe data communication, the Lion-Link peripheral I/O fieldbus system also contributes to the efficient operation of machines and plants.

Robert Strehmann, product manager, said: ‘Regardless of the required wiring in the field, Lion-Link always offers a custom-tailored solution.

‘The system’s high level of flexibility pays at the planning stage as well as in any future retrofits or upgrades.

‘Moreover, it also helps to reduce energy consumption,’ he added.

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