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Kidderminster-based Beakbane, a UK manufacturer of bellows and machinery protection systems, has invested GBP500,000 in a Trumatic 6000 CNC punch-laser combination machine from Trumpf.

Purchased as part of its ongoing investment programme, Beakbanes anticipates that the new machine will deliver high accuracy, consistency and reliability of component production.

The machine’s large format (3,050 x 1,550mm) setup will provide for improved material utilisation at a time when steel prices are at a premium, thereby enabling efficiency gains through a reduction in waste.

According to Beakbane, the acquisition of this machine completes a major investment programme during the past four years to improve the company’s metal cutting, punching and folding capabilities.

Due to be installed in June 2011, the increase in capacity and efficiency provided by the investment is seen as necessary by Beakbane in order to offer existing and new customers a high quality, accurate and cost effective manufacturing capability.

The Trumpf Trumatic 6000 is a rugged, all-round machine based on an open C-frame design that is able to process sheet up to 8mm thick.

Intelligent punching, a wear-free ram guidance system and 360deg tool rotation are combined with a choice of three lasers (2, 2.7 or 3.2kW) and simultaneous (XY) cutting speeds of 108m/min for optimum efficiency.

Among the many features of the Trumatic 6000 is Adaptive Stroke Calibration, which automatically monitors and corrects in real time the depth of forming, regardless of material thickness variations.

According to Beakbane, the Trumatic 6000 will address the costly problem of machine downtime resulting from tool changes through the use of standardised tooling on a standard punch machine.

The company believes that cycle times will almost certainly reduce, due to fewer handling operations and the ability to complete parts in one hit.

Beakbane will be able to tap, countersink, form and bend in a single setup, thus reducing the non-value-added time associated with secondary operations.

Beakbane has been established since 1954 and is accredited to ISO9001:2008.


Remaining profitable today is a challenge and staying competitive in the future requires solutions that can adapt to your every-changing business needs. The technology built into TRUMPF precision machinery gives fabricators the flexibility to increase the efficiency of their high-quality, close-tolerance part production – in small batches or high volume jobs.

TRUMPF ranks among the world's leading manufacturers of production technology and industrial lasers. Technical solutions for its customers have been the company's focus since 1923. In every technology group TRUMPF machines are designed to minimise unit costs and to provide reliability and a rapid return on investment.

All machines are designed to accept flexible and expandable automation. The choices range from simple productivity gains from features such as automatic laser nozzle exchange through to all the elements necessary for full lights out production.

In the field of CO2 and solid state production lasers the TRUMPF product spectrum is now unparalleled and its experience extends from OEM systems to small hand-manipulation processing stations through to large 5-axis machines. It has competence at any level of power from 2W to 20kW.

The production processes for which TRUMPF lasers are designed are numerous and include welding, cutting, drilling, tube processing, surface treatment, additive manufacturing and component marking.

TRUMPF punching is much more than simply making holes. The TruPunch range of machines provides complete part processing – including forming – and virtually eliminates the need for secondary processing. And in its TruMatic series these benefits are combined with laser cutting; the best of both worlds.

The TRUMPF TruBend press brakes use patented technology to ensure that the bending angle is precise, right from the start and can handle small, complex or single components cost efficiently. Completing the main technology groups are the TRUMPF TruTool range of power and pneumatic portable fabrication equipment.

Under the umbrella of TruServices TRUMPF provides a highly comprehensive range of business services to support its customers. This starts with finance – TRUMPF operates its own bank – and includes full software support both at machine and business level. A wide range of predictive maintenance and service packages are also available as is application and product specific training.

With TRUMPF nothing is left to chance. In every aspect of its business, customers can be assured of quality and exceptionally value for money.

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