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Ruland Manufacturing is offering bellows couplings for accurate performance in motion control applications.

These bellows couplings combine stainless-steel bellows and aluminium hubs.

This combination results in a lightweight, low inertia coupling.

One feature of the bellows coupling is a balanced design to reduce vibration in applications of up to 10,000rpm.

The bellows are made of stainless steel, which makes them suitable for transmitting torque.

Due to the bellows’ uniform thin walls, the coupling is able to flex easily while remaining rigid under torsional loads, while providing low bearing loads that remain constant at all points of rotation.

Parallel misalignment, angular misalignment and axial motion can be accommodated by these couplings.

Zero backlash and a long, maintenance-free life are assured as bellows couplings have no moving parts.

These features make bellows couplings a suitable choice in high-end servo, stepper, encoder or positioning applications.

Ruland bellows couplings are offered in six sizes with set screw or Nomar clamp-style hubs and straight or step bores ranging from 3mm to 25mm in metric series and 1/8in to 1in in the inch series.

All fasteners are metric.

Stainless-steel hubs, keyways and other custom features are available by special order.

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