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The Bencere Autofacer can be used on horizontal and vertical machining centres, CNC lathes and special-purpose machines, as well as those involving manual operator intervention.

Back spotfaces and counterbores, ID and OD chamfers, spherical radii and special forms that are required on the inside of bores and hard-to-access internal faces of housings, frames and cavities, as well as the back machining of irregular or interrupted surfaces without chatter, can be achieved in a single automatic cycle using the tool.

The Bencere Autofacer has interchangeable blades, offering a range of different configurations, geometries and high-performance coatings to suit the application.

It can produce features up to 2.2 times the diameter of any pilot hole the tool passes through.

Available as part of the ‘Hole Solution’ package provided by Mollart, the Bencere Autofacer utilises a folding blade concept activated via a friction clutch to automatically open and close the blade from its housing in the body of the tool shank.

This arrangement allows the tool head to pass through the bore aperture in the component, which can be between 6.3 and 128mm diameter, and the blade then opened to machine the required feature on the reverse side of the tool approach face.

While the blade is rotating, the cutter blade is locked tightly against its seat to ensure a rigid and smooth cutting action, allowing interrupted or irregular surfaces such as casting draft angles to be machined.

Blades are available to suit a range of materials, including high-temperature alloy steels.

Tools can be supplied as brazed carbide, cutter bodies and indexable carbide inserts that are mounted in cartridge units.

Cutter bodies can also be profiled to combine a succession of forms and features, such as the combination of back facing, chamfering and radius forms.

Blades are quick to change via a removable pivot pin.

There are several methods of blade activation, including pressure applied from a cone, pad or ring, an integral ‘inertia flywheel’, a torque-activated unit similar to a tapping head and a system involving through-the-spindle-supplied high-pressure coolant or air pressure.

Within the shank assembly there is a shear pin that acts as a safety device in the case of the cutter being overloaded and prevents total breakage of the tool.

Accuracies of 0.0025mm are achievable with the Autofacer system.

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