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Bentley Systems is extending its Projectwise V8i synchronised collaboration and Bentley Navigator V8i review and markup capabilities to users of mobile devices, such as Ipads.

Bentley Navigator is used by infrastructure teams to interactively view, analyse and augment project information in both individual and collaborative workflows.

A Projectwise Passport constitutes a license for any and all Projectwise client, desktop and web applications, as well as for Bentley Navigator.

Projectwise Explorer enables users to work in collaborative workflows, providing managed, synchronized, and secure access to project content such as I-models, Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, images, and movies.

With the new Ipad apps, users can have these capabilities anywhere.

Any browser-based user of Windows 7 tablets and laptops can access Projectwise functionality using Projectwise Web Parts and use Bentley Navigator, available anywhere.

Projectwise Web Parts can be incorporated into any website and integrate with Microsoft SharePoint.

This capability is supported on all the common browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome, and doesn’t require flash.

Bentley Navigator enables users to dynamically navigate, view and mark up models for design review and co-ordination.

Bentley Navigator for the Ipad provides panoramic navigation in an immersive environment for hands-on review, as well as markup synchronisation in collaborative workflows.

Panoramic navigation enables users to navigate models by simply moving an iPad as though it were a window into the model within which they are virtually immersed.

Review markups are synchronised through Projectwise in a variety of workflows, including paper and pen (facilitated by Bentley’s Projectwise Dynamic Plot V8i, which creates an intelligent link between paper plots and digital models), PDFs, desktop or laptop computer clients – and now for Ipads.

These review and markup synchronisation capabilities are enabled by I-models, which track the ‘provenance’ of the information they contain.

To facilitate the new innovations for mobility, Bentley has expanded the capability of I-models in two ways.

I-models can now package multiple files of architectural, engineering, construction, and owner-operator content, including models, drawings and Microsoft Office documents,.

This enables users to have a convenient and well-organised distribution of project information – as might be required in a submission for a design-review session.

These packages can also serve to ready such information for use in an offline workflow.

I-models can now be rendered for device-specific use cases, such as the newly introduced I-model for the Ipad, to both take advantage of the device’s capabilities and accommodate its limitations.

These device-specific i-models suit the typical use activities of the device, such as with panoramic navigation on the Ipad.

Device-specific I-model renditions can be created either within design authoring applications, or automatically generated via the Projectwise Dynamic Composition Server.

Therefore, projects can elect to maintain current Ipad renditions of relevant models for instant ‘cloud’ access and immersive review anywhere.

In the near future, Bentley plans to introduce I-model renditions and apps for other mobile devices, such as the Android and Playbook.

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