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Bentley Systems has launched the V8i versions of Bentley Mxroad and Mxroad Suite – both of which provide advanced string-based modelling that enables the rapid and accurate design of all road types.

These updates continue the evolution of Bentley’s MX product line by including Bentley’s Roadway Designer functionality, which provides 3D parametric modelling tools for resurfacing, restoration, and rehabilitation projects.

The releases also add a full-featured geospatial information-management system to address the needs of organisations that map, plan, design, build and operate transportation systems, and are integrated with the Projectwise collaboration services.

Projectwise provides distributed project teams with improved engineering content management and collaborative workflows that enhance productivity and the quality of deliverables.

‘Streamlined and intuitive, Roadway Designer offers the most advanced 3D modelling capabilities available in civil engineering for interactive 3D, constraint-driven design with intelligent components,’ said Ron Gant, Bentley global marketing director.

‘This proven technology empowers civil engineers and designers to control the entire modeling process – visually, graphically, interactively and dynamically,’ he added.

Especially suited to the newest construction technologies, the tools provided by the new versions of Mxroad and Mxroad Suite embrace advanced techniques for automated machine guidance.

This lets transportation designers more quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively respond to the constraints and demands of constructing and maintaining roads and bridges.

The updated MXROAD products also include mapping functionality tightly integrated with civil engineering for the creation, maintenance and analysis of geospatial data.

The geospatial data can then be edited with the precise, CAD-level accuracy required for engineering.

This means users can easily integrate data from a variety of sources into engineering and mapping workflows.

3D modelling tools enable users to create and edit extensive 3D spatial models within the engineering design application to support analysis such as shadow, massing, line of sight, disaster mitigation and wind studies.

They also can be used to create complex civil engineering models, while mapping functionality handles attribution and storage of data in DGN or DWG files, or natively in Oracle Spatial.

‘This evolution of MXROAD also provides further integration with Bentley’s Projectwise collaboration services,’ Gant added.

Projectwise is used to better connect people with information across project teams.

When connected by Projectwise, engineers, architects and contractors can easily manage, find, share and visualise CAD and geospatial content, project data and Microsoft Office documents.

Projectwise capabilities include central engineering content management and local caching servers for fast file access, plotting and publishing servers for reduced distribution costs, and a web server for streamlining access to content.

The newest versions of Mxroad also extend supported environments to include AutoCAD 2010.

Data acquisition, geometry, visualisation, drafting functionality and interface tools further broaden the scope of Bentley’s transportation solution.

‘Bentley’s civil-engineering software enables project teams to reuse design data during construction, avoiding rework and reducing costs,’ Gant said.

‘At the same time, it empowers them to work more efficiently and effectively in collaborative workflows – increasing quality and enhancing profitability – while being more ecologically aware in their design and construction work,’ he added.

‘Ultimately, this leads to the delivery of intelligent infrastructure that is better performing and more sustainable,’ he concluded.

Upon selection of the final design alternative, Mxroad automates much of the design detailing process.

Bentley Mxroad Suite combines all of the functionality of Mxroad with Powersurvey – an all-in-one, standalone survey solution; Mxrenew – a complementary solution that fits new design onto existing roads for rehabilitation and reconstruction; and Mxurban – parametric design software for roads in cities and urban areas.

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